PROLINE HD® is an American family owned, engineering based distribution built around high quality, good price, fast shipping, and 99%+ fill rates.

We utilize our engineering background to sustain high quality at the same time we ship same or next day with almost 100% fill rates for over 20 years.


All products that we make or sell are Either Made in the USA, Assembled In the USA, and or Tested in the USA. We are not just a distributor. We design and build dies, We design and build tooling, We design and build Assembly equipment, and We design and build testing lines. We use our best in the Industry in house Capabilities to ensure that each and every part we ship to you works as it’s supposed to and we bring all of this security to you at a great price. We’ve never tried to be the Cheapest. We have a full understanding of how critical Commercial Vehicles Braking systems are and we strive to bring the best Quality Price value for parts that actually Meet SAE, DOT, and FMVSS-121.


A few things we’re great at

High Quality

We don’t import parts and ship them to our customers. We either make them here in the USA or we import them and test them in our Tennessee factory before shipping to our customers. This is exactly how we ensure our every piece out the door quality and we do this with a lifetime of passion for protecting our customers and family name. Our every piece high quality allows you to earn residual sales and trust with your customer base that can last a lifetime.


We don’t strive to be the cheapest. We live to provide the highest value. Our great prices allow you to compete but there is much more to the story .We have good, better, best options so that we can reach the price point buyers all the way to the quality conscience buyers and biggest fleets.

Fill Rate

Our fast shipping and almost 100% fill rates allow you to basically eliminate long term inventory on parts you buy from PROLINE.


All of our products are warrantied and carry U.S. Products liability insurance.